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Hey there.

Lots has changed since my last post. I was re-enrolled at my former University and was able to get all my classes back. I started to do some consulting work for a few studios, put things on hold with Claudia and went on vacation.

I was able to go to Hawaii on vacation. There I took a Cruise which took me to a few of the major island such as, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island. I have tons of pictures and will uploaded soon, I just need to fix them up a bit and crop them, and from there pick the top 60, for a facebook album (I’m starting to dislike having two or more albums of the same thing.).

But as I returned to LA I noticed because on my supposed departure I made the mistake in burning bridges. I am able to start fresh with no agenda, not owed favors. I can start fresh with new studios, new contractor.

It seems better than it really is but the damage has already been done. I’ve made my bed and now I have to lay on it. This past weekend I was invited to the LAMN brunch, which is held monthly. This somewhat of a big deal seeing my actions in July, but non the less, I went. I seems like everything is water under bridge and everyone just seemed “helpful.”

I finally moved in my new place and been here since last Wednesday but there a just a few thing I need to get, such a furniture and…no, just furniture. But I think I’m going to enjoy living in Crestview. It’s completely different from other places I have lived on campus and it give you that feeling of being on your own with out actually being.

At the time being I’m somewhat short on cash because of my stupidity of putting all my eggs in on basket. But worry not I will will be back to my normal lifestyle as soon as a few of my investments and my father works out some of the kinks on a few business deals.

The renovations of the loft are going well according to my father. He says that by the end of October we will start looking for people to lease the lofts to.

I have to admit I had had a heavy heart returning to APU. I had mad sand castles of what my life was going to be when I moved to New York and started attending Berklee. But then Harold, the director for Men’s Chorale, gave an interesting mini preach on Monday night. I had some resentment towards God because I had to come back. It seemed that even though I know God knows what is best for I always have to do things my way. But that night I just reflected. I though of all the people I had seen that morning. All the friend that where glad to see me back, those whom where surprised and the new additions to the choir I gotten to meet.

It seems like this year will be good, but it’s too early to tell. I hope this year I am able to keep a narrow walk with God and I that am able to do His will.

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