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There have been recent events that have just turn my life around a complete 180 degrees. I know that, ‘When it Rains, it Pours,’ but this way beyond that, beyond opening the flood gates. This was an entire Deluge (think: Great Flood; Noah’s Ark) upon my plans for the next few weeks.

I don’t want to go into specifics because they don’t matter. The only thing that matters now is that I’m once more staying in LA. God has thwarted my plans of moving for the third time now. Things happen for a reason, I just wished I knew what that reason was.

I don’t understand why I was able to do all the things that lead to my move just to come to a complete halt. Therefore making everything come crashing down in a matter of days. Either way after much fighting with administration at APU I am once more enrolled for the Fall semester.

As I write, one thought just keeps popping into my head. It was the night Celebration had their first concert and as I said my goodbyes, Nate keep on insisting that he was going to see me in the Fall.

I wonder if he or any of my friends have influenced God, the Cosmos, or Karma to keep me in LA.

I’ll probably tell you the story, someday.

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