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Last night I got home fairly late, you know hanging out with people before the school year starts. I tried getting some sleep as soon as I got home but I couldn’t. So about I time I finally fell asleep is was about a quarter to three. Then I dreamt, it was almost lucid though.

I was at my old church, with my parents in the what used to be the building that church owned. The pastor was preaching from the pulpit and I was in the sound booth like every other sunday. Behind me was was the pastor wife with a small child that keep crying all through out the service and I kept on thinking ‘The only reason she is not asked to leave the sanctuary is because she’s the pastor wife.’ Service comes to an end. The pastor does his meet and greet, but as he walks by my father, he becomes rabid, yelling at the top of his lung blasphemies against my father and my family. Calling him a rat and hissing. I come up to the side of him and start shouting, “In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, the one true King, I condemn you for you abominations.” This take him as a surprise seeing that it is not in my nature to do such a thing.

After that things get quite and I woke up.

For those out of the loop. Earlier this year the pastor of the church I attended for about five years sold the building the church owned with out consensus of of the congregation for about 2.5 million dollars. Five months prior to that he have refinanced the building and got equity for at least $500,000. He never told the congregation how much he was paid. My father, and a few others, tried to remove him for his post, but before they could get more followers he was threaten to leave the church. This was in April. I never returned to the church to serve.

In the last few months I have heard that he keep on ‘dismissing’ people that did not support his ideas of reformation in his church. He moved to Texas but yet wants to be the pastor of the church here in Los Angeles. He was to drive every so often, but still get paid while he is in Texas not helping a flock. He has no intentions of buying a new sanctuary for those that are left.

I am very sadden that I had to go through this. I sadden many people have to go through this.

In the coming weeks I am going to post some of the ‘conversations’ between the pastor and some of those that did not think like him. Sadly these so called conversations are in Spanish so some might not understand them. They are all recored in analog cassette and then digitized. I am just going to EQ them a bit an remove some hissing. I seems that I have had them long enough and know I need to show those around me what really is happening. I apologize for those that will be offended, I Love in Christ, but I really think this what GOD want me to do. Show the real Francisisco Suarez to the world. Johnny, Danny; this is nothing against you, I just need to show everyone what your father is really like. I’ll keep both of you in my prayers.

Not the pastor, but the man that controlled a church and ran out with over 3 million dollars of church funds with out even a goodbye.

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