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In the Month of May I…

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WOW. I can’t believe that the month of May has already flown by. It just seems like it was yesterday that I was getting back from the Men’ Chorale tour.

You might be asking yourself what have been doing all this time that I haven’t been able to write about. Well, let me tell you.

I’m currently working hard a recording studio working with a great team of people that know their in’s and out’s of the biz here in LA but also have connection all over the country, which I am networking to get more connections in the East coast, primarily in New York and Boston. While doing this, still being involve with LAMN and AES chapter in Encino.

During me free time I am usually hang out with Claudia, and catching up with friends.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to get away from work (more like that band sucked and we just called it a week). To my surprise I had to fly out to New York with my father to sign some paper on the Lofts we currently in Escrow for. To clarify, WE are buying. I am not in the position, financially nor mentally, to undergo the purchase by myself. When I was approached by the guy selling his lofts, I quickly told my father. My parent where planing on moving to Porter ranch; my father wanted to get a few horses and teach riding to children in the area.But he thinks this a better investment. To clarify once more, I am poor. I work hard to pay my own bills and school. My parents are what we call, upper middle class. Seeing that my father had already reached his options in getting a fairly big house/equity loan, he said to half and half, (it’s more like 1/100 to 99/100). The deal is that I will be living in on of the lofts while the other will be rented out. I will live in the City and commute to Boston the Days I have class. Which will probably every day, but Its a sacrifice I’m willing to make to live in that loft. Either way, we are currently in Escrow and should close by the end of the month or early July. I have even posted some pictures on Facebook to see, and will be posting them on flickr tomorrow. After all the paperwork was done my father headed to Rochester to visit my cousin and I went to the Hamptons with friends.

This past weekend I visited Solvang and Santa Barbara. I just need to get away once more from LA and clear my head.

Currently I also have planned and is currently in the hands of my travel agent to vacation in Hawaii the second week of August. 7 days 8 night on a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. Just my little way to end one chapter of life and a great way to start a new one.

I am also planning to ditch Verizon in late june to get my hands on the iPhone. There is a rumor/speculation that there is a SIM card slot. If there is it just made my life much easier. Seeing that I will be in Spain the first half of Spain, I will no longer have to buy a disposable cell but just buy a disposable SIM card and forward my US calls to that SIM. If that doesn’t work I considering the Blackberry Curve, but not sure if I should go back to Verizon to get it or stay on AT&T.

So, it seems like everything is going well, I just receive revised recording schedule and it seem like we are ahead of schedule a week, which is great. This way I’m free the last week of June, which coincidentally I will have time to do something fro my Birthday.

BTW, what do you think I should do? the whole going to Vegas and drink is so cliché. I’m European so I’ve been drinking since I could walk . I wanted to go shark diving but my friends don’t want to. So suggestions are welcomed.

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