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Today has been meh. Seriously, I woke up today at 7 and then I remember that I finished work last night. I will have nothing to do until the 6th of July, When I fly out to Spain for work.

I haven’t had this much free time in a long time. I really didn’t know what to with all of it.

All day I’ve been re-arranging my room and trying to figure out what is happening with the hold on Escrow. The problem is because during the inspection, the inspectors found that the pipes are copper which have corroded over the years. Due to this my father and I are able to go back to the negotiating table. Which is what my father is in New york doing at this time. Worst case scenario, I don’t get the Lofts. Hopefully we will be able to buy it and the change the plumbing.

Seeing that I will have all that bookcase space I’m going to be meeting with a book collector/seller tomorrow and I am going to try to start to build my personal library.

I have already put a bit on first edition of Don Quixote, in Spanish, the entire Narnia Collection, and a few of my favorite plays and sonnets from Shakespeare.

I was wondering if there any suggestion of any books worthwhile collecting?

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