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Even When God is Silent

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
I believe in love even when feeling it not.

I believe in God even when God is Silent.

Michael Horvit

This is a song that Oratorio Choir is going to be singing this semester and I thought that it was very profound, because of its back story. It was written for the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass, in November 1988. Allied troops found the poem written on the walls of a basement in Cologne, Germany. It had been written by someone hiding from the Gestapo. It is an extraordinary testimony of faith under horrible circumstances.

Moving on, yesterday I went to chapel even though I wasn’t feeling well. Took a chapel nap during the “worship’ but I was awaken when the speaker came up to the stage and realized that there was two of them, a couple. The topic of the day was, “The four myths of marriage.” I for one wasn’t to into seeing that I’m not really in a relationship so I really thought that it was going to bore me back to sleep. But they started out with very good point about how “Christians” put such a high standard in dating and if they are not dating some one here at school they feel like failures and what not. The chapel was just great I enjoyed because it also explored the possibility that not everyone is meant for marriage; they pointed out the Jesus was never married, but as a joke. It also cautioned a lot of people in becoming to emotionally attach to quickly, the false sense of soul mates. This really sparked a lot of conversation later at the day.

I went to class after but I wasn’t really into it. After, I went home took a nap, but slept through my next two classes.

Last night, I was to judge a vocal talent competition that the school put on every year, (think American Idol, but smaller, more girls, and most of them with talent) ‘Final Cut’ Auditions. During this entire process I felt somewhat out of the loop seeing that I really don’t have that much experience judging people on vocal talent. Heck, I record for a living, I really don’t do this type of work. But as the night progress I learned so much about everything and what it takes to be in a vocal competition, even if it is only at school.

It seems like thing are somewhat falling into place, I will be consulting on a demo recording for the Producer and Engineer. I have a few songs that will be recording through out the semester and for the time being it ok with not knowing what’s going to happen next

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