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For those that know me somewhat well you might understand why this merits a post on this blog and to those that don’t I will explain shortly. I usually don’t remember my dreams, if I dream, those that I do remember are usually “premonitions” of future events that will happen I have to change the great stupidities I will do. So when the time comes I “in a way” change my destiny.

This weekend I was on heavy medication because I was severely ill (it didn’t seem that way to many because I was on very very good medication; penicillin and a cocktail of other good drugs technically not legal in the US without proper prescriptions). I was running a fever and I took a few pills to soothe the ache of being sick, and before I knew it, I was out cold.

So in my dream I’m on Cougar walk and just chilling with people and then all of a sudden people from High School star showing up. I haven’t seen these people in over two year and all of a sudden they all start showing up and saying that they have just transferred to this and what not. But that is not what is weird, what is that I ditch my new friends that are here at school to go with these old friends.

It may not seem much to you but to me it hit a nerve. When I left I High School and moved I became someone very different. I don’t want to regress to my old self. That life didn’t have what it takes to be independent and self sufficient.

This could just have been an hallucination due to my high fever, but doubtful seeing that I have never had a hallucination before.

So I really don’t know what to make of it?

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