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Status Quo?

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As I see the Eiffel tower from my window. I could have never imaged that my summer would be so involved and complex. For those that don’t know I have been in Paris for the past three day and today will be my last. This trip was last minute but it was not for pleasure, but business as usual. There is an Audio Engineering Conference, symposiums and workshops. But alas this will probably be my only downtime until the end of June.

I fly out later today and get a few hours back of my life but I get back to a life of work and responsibilities, First and foremost I have to stop by my child to spend some time with, and then for the long weekend I am a counselor at the annual youth retreat, but not before having my last meeting with the Senior pastor from church to run by estimated budgets on remodeling the audio equipment and me taking charge of the high school group for the summer.

It seems that I have been blessed with figuring out ways of keeping myself busy, but at what cost? It seems that the only things I have to write about is work and my child, but it seems that I am not well, that I have to keep myself busy all the time. What am I trying not to think of? What am I trying to avoid?

If only I had the answers to these question I might be able to help myself and others understand who I am. But it seems that at least I have things to do when I am off by myself this year at camp and reflecting on the thing I have done, the things that are going on, and the things to come.

Man, I hope I’m ready to take charge of a high school group. This might just be the biggest challenged yet.

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