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Work, Work, Work

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If you are one of the few that read this blog, let me apologize for being so careless in not writing in almost a month.

So I am guessing you would like to know what’s new in my life. Well after my trip to Paris, I came back to work and had to teach the rest of my co-workers what I had learned. That’s not an easy task. Then I was assign to three difficult projects. I have been working non-stop for three weeks and really not taking care of my personal life. I am very wrapped up in work, from work I drive to church for counseling(giving not receiving). After my appointments I come home clean up and try to visit friends as much as I can. So in the mist of working on updating the sound equipment at church, working, being in charge of the church high school group, giving advice. I feel lost, this might be first time in over a month that I have been able to have a solid lunch.

But life goes on and things will be slowing down. I stop working at this studio tomorrow. And I don’t work next week. It has been tradition of some of my friends and mine to do something crazy for my B-day which is next week. They have been talking about shark diving of the coast of Hawaii, but I think its not going to happen but I might want to go white water rafting in Colorado or something.

So after that on the 29th I head back to Europe for another conference in Sweden, trust me it sound way better than it really is. It’s a four day conference and I will not have anything to look around or cross the channel to go to Germany and see if I could get into a soccer game or what not.

So there you have it; life is good because there is work, too much work. But you know at least I’ll could take it easy during school….lol…. I can’t even finish the sentence without laughing. oh the life of a music major.

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