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So It officially Spring break for me and I will spending a lot of this time with two of my favorite passions, sleeping and recording.

So life has been a tad more difficult than usual, I had a choir concert on thursday night until 10 pm and then to pull an all nighter for a presentation on Social Action and a Luke/Acts test.

The presentation went well, even-though Kelsey overslept and got to class only 5 minutes before it was our time to present. The test, I really didn’t want to take it so I just went in took it guessed most and then walked out.

So for more good news, the guy Kelsey has been ditching me for is actually the boyfriend of her best friend. So yeah….. I feel like a jack ass. I told her my secret, why I lie? because this is the easiest way to push people away. And I got a great number for the housing lottery for next year, my roommate and I are hopefully will being living in a University own Condo. Its surrounded by public condos so it seem like you living off campus and you get the whole living on your own feeling.

I doesn’t look I am going to be with her anytime…. may be its for the best.

But here is the dilemma, do I really care for her enough to reveal the real me? Is she the one I should be talking to about the real me and show here that I real am not a bad person?

And the most important question of all…. am I going to hurt her?

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