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Picking up the Sword

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Sorry I haven’t kept up on this blog. Things have just been of the wall lately, with school wrapping up, choosing who to live with next year and Choir concerts.

At the beginning of this blog I wrote about removing my amour and I did, well somewhat, but now I am putting up another type of Amour, the Amour of God.

On my trip to New York I was able to see God in Christine’s situation, but it came to an end, but it doesn’t end there, I was in New York working, and I got in trouble. Serious trouble for taking pictures with the band during recording sessions. Long story short, on Tuesday my lawyer calls telling me that I have been sued by the recording company for breach of contract and will withhold payment pending litigation. In other words they sued me for money and they are not paying me until things settle in court. Friday comes around and the suit is dropped. Someone very high either loves me or I pulled the right strings through out the week.

Summer is fast approaching and there are many things that I will face, taking charge of a High school group at church, working here in LA, and my own walk with God.

So I put on the amour of God and I prepare for what the summer has in store for me.

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