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Sorry I haven’t written in a while but life of a music major is rough, especially when you’re a fake one one at that, add that I work here and there and I have 3 year-old.

But things are great. I am doing well. Sold three songs this month to buy food and water. Had a phone date for valentines day, ummm, old friend and long story. I had a great job in New York for president’s weekend. So I got to see what winter really looks like for the 1st time in two years.Ummmmm oh yeah. I love Christine….. and she my girl now.

Yeah I know this is out of the blue but we have been talking about getting together for some time and talked about the distance situation and so many other things that. I think that it finally time that we can be together.

She’s doing a three week tour in Europe with a select few for Juilliard so I won’t be talking to her as much but come Spring break I will be back in New York.

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