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Sorry for not keeping up on this blog but last week I was hit by the second throat infection in less than three months. So I haven’t had any voice which is critical because I am in choirs and if I don’t sing there goes my grade and most importantly my scholarships. But its weird its was the most horrible week of my life because I was sick but I was also very awesome. I went to great friends recital where he blew the house out. Then on Thursday I went to see a friend in a school play of Joseph which was amazing. Friday I went to see a “Christian Idol” thing held every year at our school and I realized that I am a crap music major compared to these people, but there is more to music than just talent and I will always carry this on my mind, “The Humbled improve.”

See this is the thing, I might not be good singer or a great composer but I am good at matching pitch, I am good a reading music, so I have some talent. Now its up to me to devote more time into music and become better and prove to myself that I can do it and will do it because I am determined.

On another note, people around here have started to talk about a friend of mine and I. See we have been spending some time together because of classes and things we have in common but people think that we are dating which is not the case because.
1. I have a gf
2. She has a bf
3. She’s not my type

But I do miss Christine more than I originally thought. If she was in New York I could hop on a plane on Friday night be there for two days, fly back and get here on time to go to my 1st class at 8 am on Monday morning.

So there you have it. Life brings drama and yes, this girl is petite and attractive but nothing happen so why mess around if there is someone already here for me.

Life just plays tricks on you.

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