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Foundations of Breaking Up

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For the past few weeks I have been a part of a community project in the city of Azusa that grows plants. It’s for a class called Foundations of Ministry AKA Foundations of Misery.

In this class, five music majors were assigned for group assignments, including myself. So me being me have become close to one of the girls but not like I want to be with you,  just friendly…. and yeah…. so I have been lying to her so things don’t progress so what do I find out today after having lunch with her (ummm it was going to be a group meeting but no one else showed so we got lunch)

She broke up with her boyfriend last night.

I’m not saying that she is after me or that I will cheat but this concerns me. I want to honor Christine and I want her to trust me as I trust her…. but she is a very attractive girl, mature for her age and we do spend a significant amount of time together.

So what does this mean…. I don’t know… Hope this is just me blowing things out of proportion and nothing else.

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