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Merry Christmas

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As the end comes to an end I am reminded of the things that have happened this entire year. Some of these things were happy some were sad. Most people take these two last weeks of the year to spend with family and reflect on the year…. and I have been contemplating over this year…. I noticed that this year I have had a better relation ship with my parent and talked to them more than when I was at home all through out high school. this year was full with pain and suffering like every year yet there is a silver lining here and there and it all wasn’t in vain….. God
taught me a few things this year that I might share with those willing to hear.

I started this year by going to school were I knew no one yet the Lord knew where I was going to be and I made new friend fast and have keep most of those friendships through out the year…. I lost an uncle this year, but with out receiving a letter from him saying his last thoughts.

People in my life have left like this summer when the Youth pastor of church just upped an left on a sunday…”with out warning” (I knew something was up but not to this extent). and parts of my family that have disowned me because of my beliefs and persistence of going to a Christian university.

I learned that I can do more than I really give myself credit and also learn and I am no lazy person, still get everything done on time. And if I am failing a class i would almost anything to fix that ASAP.

So as the years end I give thanks to those whom have kept me in their prayers, for those whom picked up the phone and called me here and there to see how I was doing in my walk with God and school.

I give thanks for the new people I met a school and I was able to create a relationship with them…. even if it was under the strangest situation, For those I met in my music classes and those whom I met through mutual friends…..

I really have nothing to give in exchange for your kindness but my respect for you guys, my own kindness and goodwill.

For those who know about my situation….. I have tried not to get involve with people as much as I wanted to this semester because I want to be totally unbiased by people at school or people in the industry so….. I still haven’t made up my mind but I am really leaning more towards Miami, and I f i ever return to LA I’ll look you guys up…. but until then this seems to be good bye

I wish I could give everyone I know a present for the reason of the season but at this time it is just no possible but maybe someday…. until then all I can give you is my purest form a friendship

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

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