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Sleep Deprivation is Bad

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I have been awake now for about 60 hrs now. I pulled an all nighter for the midterm for Music Business and then forgot I had an audio project for Music tech due today so last night I went “party crashing” and just did nothing basically, so I had to spend all night working on this great piece of “music” which I was forced to use a loop file that I really did want to use but I had limitation in what I could and could not do because of my poor piano skills so half way though the this “music project” i started to practice my piano, because I have a midterm on it on Thursday…. so yeah …any ways… I get done with my assignment at about 10:10 just 5 mins. shy from the class I have to go to so I was in a hurry t get there and yeah were is where things start to fall apart,

For some unexplained reason my ear have recently be clogged (the feeling you get when you up on a high mountain or on a plane) and I haven’t been able to get rid of it so I have been a tad sharp on my PM stuff and at the whole I EQ’ing thing….

Then it was to music theory which just sucks….. and then to music tech where it was fun but the Prof… started to tearing into people that showed their project because they had used loops instead of using the midi-instrument….. I luckily did that but still use previously recorded material, (thanks eddie for the great stuff you recorded at church and never took with you, you saved my ass on this) so I was torn into…. then I tried falling asleep before my next class which is at 4:40 which is oratorio but couldn’t so what did I do i started to play around with sound files and things that sound good…. the time I realized what I had been doing it was 4:35. I was going to be late for a class that I really don’t like but have to attend because it is mandatory for music majors to take it. So I get there and then I am harassed by campus security if I belong on campus….. I go to show them my ID… when I feel the emptiness off my pocket….. no Id… so yeah I convince him that I am indeed at student here because I had my music with me for class…. so I get there right as class is starting and yeah…. its music from the 16th century so you get the picture.

I get home at six … eat dinner and by 6:30 out the door for the practice rooms hr. and a half later back at home chillin’ and then back to the practice rooms…. and hr later back here…. yep… I am writing this and it is taking me a lot of time to write because I have started to notice that my motor function are getting slower and I am starting to drift while writing this…. I’m going to bed….

but the point of this that eddie you rock… yep if it wasn’t for you leaving all those recording on the hard drive back at church I would have been screwed on my project and and I am more creative when there is a deadline.

Ohh… and that I need to practice the piano more…so if there is a person out there that want to help me with my piano and/or pitch matching skills I would greatly appreciate the help.

so yeah… I tired and I need food and I just want to record for the rest of my life…… its so fun and I love it

* this blog has been written in a text editor to prevent misspelled words and grammar errors. In reality this has also been proof read by two other people… yes this blog has need that much help….. Kenn get some sleep

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