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Well it has been over a week since I have written and the main reason is because life is hectic. This passed week I have been studying for a few test and actually started to practice the piano like I should had done since the beginning of the semester. But to recap my life over the last week. Last Friday I went swing dancing with a few friends, which I thought that it was going to be an ok night. Man was I wrong, I loved it. I am thinking of getting ballroom dancing lessons since I went. The band was great and I learned a few moves on the dance floor. So we got there around 8ish and got back home around 12ish and my friend wanted to get some grub so we went to In-n-out to get a burger. Then after that there were some guys just out side on the lawn looking at the stars so we joined in and it was so surreal. I loved it. So by the time we got back home it was 3 am.

On Saturday things were cool,l chilled, did some homework and practiced my piano. I have been having so much fun in learning how to play and that I am getting better at reading music. The only problem is that I have been sick from the throat and now my ear are plugged. I just hate it because being a music major you ear are the most import tool of your entire profession. So that kinda suxs. But other that, its been pretty good. I have been getting along with my roommates and I am getting enough sleep and school isn’t that hard as I thought it would be. Just time consuming, mostly in practicing the piano, PM (inner ear training) and music theory.

The last few days I have been feeling different. I really can’t explain it. Its not sadness or emptiness or anything like that. I just know I haven’t feel like that before, but I haven’t been sad or upset, there really isn’t anything to be upset about. It isn’t home sick because I knew I was coming down on friday and see a few people from church. So I don’t know. Maybe just being a bit bipolar.

So this weekend has been great, got away from school and have just been relaxing here at home and working on my friend’s project. Well as of 5pm is pretty much done so I was able to get some cash for not that much time and get some practice in a great recording studio.

So to recap, life is good, I saw my… I really don’t know what to call her, she’s more than a friend but we’re not dating. we think a lot of each other but are open to other relationships. We are talking of getting together but it seems that it will happen some day but I don’t know when. But if she does attend APU I am so in. I got paid, that is great bonus for a poor college guy that was running out of money.

An added bonus I was able to go shopping for a few items of clothing. Oh and the most important thing, I’m going to Mexico for a missions trip from my school during Thanksgiving. I know that I should be with family during those days but this is my logic, what is better than trying to add more people to my family by introducing Jesus into their lives. They will be my family in Christ.

And with that I finish this blog. Christ is good and if its His will It will happen but if it doesn’t it doesn’t. He gives and He takes away, Blessed be the LORD (Job from the Bible).

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