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Christ-Centered Philosophy

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Thursday night my roommates , Jonathan and myself were talking about school and how our university is a liberal studies university and we have to take all these courses that don’t really apply to our major (I have to take music classes I that will never ever use like singing and being in a choir but that besides the point).

The conversation slowly shifts to our philosophy class and how Descartes is the father philosophy and proved that there is a God just denying everything and basically showed that there are things “built-in” in our minds.

Josh starts saying that he doesn’t understand why, in a christian university, we have to learn about regular philosophy….. he’s entire argument was….I can here to become a better christian because I went to a regular public school and now I am here just hear about a christian perspective and everything else is wrong.

Well in my passive-aggressive way of the past I sit back and see this argument between josh and the rest of the guys. this argument goes for about four hour at which point Josh still believes in what he thinks is right and goes to bed without saying a word…… what happen you might ask?

Well, what I saw during the argument was a person struggling with his faith and his only way of dealing to fight…. I know this because I went to through something similar…. but I used my anger in a more positive way….I focus on other things.

Josh is going to through a tough time. During the summer his gf broke with him without a reason and then he is still friends…and he really can’t deal with al ready, add to that she is know dating some one that he hates.

So he is in the this dark hole questioning his faith but instead of confronting it and accepting that questioning your faith is part of being christian… he is being in denial…. and saying that questioning faith is something weak…..

So this is what I say….. screw it. I told him over and over….. go to God and tell him how you feel. God never said being a christian was going to be easy…. he said “pick up your cross and follow me”

So to conclude this ……. he just wants to talk about how his ex has hurt him and stuff and how he is broken but he does nothing to get closer to God or be happy for his ex (it the christian thing to do) but no…. he just mopes and now doesn’t even talk to us…

Frankly I don’t care anymore….. but I do in a way… I just won’t talk about the same thing over and over.

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