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Hey… I’m Dying

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I haven’t written here in a few days because I have been very busy with school work and getting all my other things in order. And in other news, I’m dying…. Yes dying. I am sick, extremely sick.

I want my tonsils out. If I could I would rip them out myself but I can’t. So now I have to take a week off school to get these out of just suffer for a few other days.

If I do get them out I would miss so much school and I wanted to go to New York next week for a convention, the AES (Audio Engineer Society, which I am now an official member of) is having a four day convention there. I would had left on Thursday night and would had returned Monday night. I would had been awesome but alas it will not be. I would miss to much school and seeing that I am already behind in school, not really but I am barely keeping up with all the stuff I have to do.

My music profs encouraged me to go but my “academic” teacher said that i would be lost if I were to miss Friday and Monday. So in short, I just have to wait until the NAMM show in January (A convention held yearly in Anaheim that shows new technology for audio engineers, so in other word a place were guys like me that produce and record music go to play with the newest toys to make music)

And I can’t have my tonsils removed seeing that I am in Oratorio choir (a choir that every music major has to be in if you are not in an Ensemble…. yeah I know….I hate it also) and have inner ear training that involves some singing. Then I would sound like a duck for a few days.

So sound like a duck or just stick it out for a few days? Isn’t life just grand?

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