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College and Clubbing

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Last night around 8 Josh and his friends Jolene and Ricki wanted to do something but was quite sure what do to. I suggested City Walk, Third Street Promenade, Old town Pasadena, Paseo de Colorado and the likes. Well it took us about an hour and a half to get ready, so going to Santa Monica was out of the question and going to City Walk seemed lame.

So Jolene wanted to go to a club, and everyone bored out of their mind agreed. At this point I thought “Cool a club in Hollywood… I could go for that.” Man was I wrong.

We went to this one club down the street from the University called the D-Club. This is where the night starts falling apart. We waited about half an hour in line to get in and then only Ricki and I where able to get in because Josh was wearing short(I dunno why the bouncer wouldn’t just let him in). Ricki and I are going inside and I was padded down just like cops do when you are arrested (trust me I know) but we got in and it was DEAD inside.

So about 11 things in the club start happening and stuff. Jolene and Josh were back and it was all good. We danced for quite a while and had some fun and the we sat because we had been on the floor for about an hour without stopping. So the girls went for water and there was this one chick freaking another chick in front of Josh. Josh couldn’t stop staring and then see saw a guy getting lap dances from two girls and stuff. Then the two girls saw him and gave him “the look” and he felt uncomfortable and told the girl we where leaving.

On the way back he tried explaining the girls why we left the club so early. “I was seeing these two girl doing each other in the club and she was like all up in that and I couldn’t stop seeing and then stop and eyed FUCKED me” said Josh. He just wouldn’t let it go. But to tell the truth he had never seen such a thing so I understand where he’s coming from.

So yeah that was our Friday night. It was good but I doubt we will be going back to that club.

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