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The One Where I Move to a Different State and Don’t Tell Many People

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It’s been ten years since I moved back to LA. I remember packing up what was my life at the time and moving to a new place that used to be home. To a school I had only seen in pictures and not knowing a single soul.

For the next decades as would half heartedly try to move away, for several reasons. Some for school, some for possible jobs, some to run away, and just wanting to live in Europe. But there was always something that stopped it. Kept me in LA.

Until now.

The bulk of my friends that transition from uni to real life are all in stable relationships, getting married, having kids, being “grown up.” Settling down and good for them.

I’m still doing my thing and will probably do so for a while longer.

This transition comes from a bittersweet 2014. While it was one of my successful one in personal growth, and experiencing new culture, traveling, it was one of my hardest. It was difficult to discuss and to seek those to share experiences with. One day I might share it… but right now It’s still soon to try to reopen an old wound.

So I told a few people in November that I had accepted a new job and that it was out of state. I told them I didn’t want a farewell party… I just wanted to tell them personally.

It’s just a gradual transition,  a change. There doesn’t have to be a grand affair, a big going away party… Even now, It’s been a weeks since I’ve moved and posting a very low-key post on a Thursday morning.

I’m not even surprised that I have moved in January. Literally marking 10 years in LA before moving away. Life is too coincidental at times.