Random Thoughts


I’ve been at home for about 3 weeks with minimal work. In doing so I had the opportunity to re-watch ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in order to be caught up if I where to go see ‘Angels and Demons’. (I did and it was ok.) After watching it I started to wonder more about da […]

Just Out of Curiosity

The past few days I have posted a few blogs that have been “borrowed” from other sources. I’ve done this very few times in the past. The first was from Gizmodo and was posted on my personal blog with Creative Commons compliance. Some uproar came up from people that frequent said site calling it a […]

Actions and Reactions

If I remember physics correctly, for every action there is an equal reaction. This of course is Newton’s third law of motion. You might be asking why I bring this up? Motion is anything that moves i.e. a ball in theory could roll forever if there was no fiction but there is. Just like the […]