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Quarter Century

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Today is my 25th birthday. I have nothing really special planned other than a family dinner with my mother and younger sister.

Throught the entire month I have been celebrating with my older, well off, firends. They have been talking me out to concerts and galleries,etc. With friends nearer to my age we have gotten together and thrown back a few beers or bottle of wine back.


An retrospective on my 1/4 century.


I have been a philantropist.


I have loved and lost. I have loved and let go.


I have been broken up with. I have broken up  with someone.


I have had great sucess. I have had great failures.


I have been a somebody. I have been a nobody.


I am gratefull that i have been fortunate to have experienced much in this short amount and expect many more experiences with friends and family as the time goes by. I do not ask or accept gifts on my birthday. I rather have experiences and memories.



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