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Distrubing Theme

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While I am not currently working on/with music, I have taken a ‘regular’ job to help cover expenses until I have decided if/when/where I go to school.

During my conversation with many people I work with, there was a certain theme that arose quite frequently which has somewhat disturbed me a bit. It has given me some indication of what not to do. This recurring theme… dropping out of school to get a job to help pay bills and never returning to finish it.

While some have a different reason, such as not knowing what they really wanted to do, having children, and going back to school would financially bankrupt them.

I have stated a few times that I am there just until I go back to school, and I was told that that was the plan for one of the head cashiers, and she’s been there almost 5 years.

This concerns me a great deal because these people are fairly smart and seem like good people, but it seems like they or their circumstances have gotten in the way of finishing their studies.

The saddest part of all this is of the many people I have had this conversation with only one has thought about going back, not decided, thought.

This has really lit a fire under me and reassured me that I either need to get back to school and finish my BA, go whole heartedly into music and see where it goes, or do something I absolutely love, and in the end somehow pay the bills.

It’s nice to say things like this, and now I will ask you guys a favor… help me to be accountable to this. I know that it might not be easy to transition to any of these options, so some moral support might not only make me feel what I have chosen is a right path, but it would also give me an indication that I am not alone in this journey.

Oddly enough someone tweeted a youtube link to a part of Gary Vandercuk’s 2008 Web 2.0 speech a few days back. I think it’s a great motivation for anyone.