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Addressing Some Concerns

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A few days ago, while talking to my girlfriend, she mention that she has been/is worried about me and my well being. Not because I’m sick or anything in that matter, but because this is the longest I’ve been without a (stable) job or clear indication of where I’m headed. It’s been a bit over casted here in LA for several days and while my emotions are not usually linked to weather… I’ve been in a somewhat haze of sleepiness and a bit of grumpiness.

While she has some merit in being concerned and whatnot… She’s hasn’t been the only one to come to me with the same thought on their mind.

While I have no long term plans in place, I’ve have been trying to see what I can come up with. Most of the connections I had in New York have either left their respective place and are no longer in place to where they can pull some stings for me or have move to other cities and/or countries which do not currently help me. I usually have a few things I work on the side to keep me busy and rarely talk about things that are not fully baked. But for the sake to appease and peace of mind, I will try to share.

There are really two avenues I am currently exploring. Both are radically different and mutually exclusive which can either hinder me as a person or make me better.

The first one is to return to APU in the fall. Finish my BA in Commercial Music, take the remaining classes that I need… swallow my pride and work hard to finish. Which, I think, will take a minimum of a year and a half.

The second is… I’m trying to talk to few recording studios in Ithaca and see what I can do there. While it not the thriving city as Los Angeles or New York it’s still a somewhat of a descent city with ties to music.

As of now, I really don’t have a clear direction of where I might actually be in the coming months. There are just way too many variables.

While not being able to work as I use to, has affected me, it has not cause me to be depressed. I’m a fighter… While I might be a bit down for the time being does not mean that I am not out there trying to get back on top. But I also understand, that might not longer be an option.

So… Here’s to not having an actual plan but to continue to follow ones dream of being in Music Industry or Happy or Both.

I’m living one day at a time… I understand that it might scare people. It would have scared the old me. It’s the only (best) way for me to live in now, and try to shape the future of what is to come.