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A few weeks ago I started using AdSense here on my personal blog (I have since stopped for aesthetic reasons) thinking of making some extra cash. The more I thought about it I noticed hadn’t written something in some time. While thinking of what I could do to write more to make money the idea about asking a few friends to guest write and so forth came up. That would have been acceptable, but the more I dwelled on the notion, the more I disagreed with it. The domain is Kenn Rodriguez. It’s my personal journal… it would have weird to ask someone to write were I have written for the past few years. It sounds somewhat selfish but that lead me to something else.

To help solve that problem I decided that there should be another site base around community, people that know each other and others not so much. To this end I tapped on the shoulders of a few friends. They agreed that it would be a great idea, not only would we be writing in the same place but would make us closer as friends by sharing what going on in our lives. Most of us are in our 20’s but have different upbringings, some of us are in different parts of the country/world. I hope that this will be not just about us writing about our lives but open discussion for people in our age group.

This may have started as a way to make money but became something completely different. I am happy how this has turned out. I really am excited that this will be more focus on sharing and community that anything else.