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Paranormal Activity

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I went to see paranormal activity with my sister yesterday afternoon. My sister and I have a complex relationship… we kinda hate each other. She asked me to go with primarily because of two reason… She wanted to see it, but not alone. Most of her friends had already seen it. Two, she thinks she likes scary movies (psychological thrillers) but can’t handle them, hence the time of the movie. I, on the other had enjoy them but I’m also a guy.

So I went to watch it and it was a decent. I just couldn’t get into the whole movie. I really wanted to, I wanted to believe but I really doubt there is someone that stupid to antagonize a spirit/demon/ghost. I don’t maybe my own real life experiences have jaded me in some way.

Micah is clearly an Alpha male. He is in charge and wants to solve the mystery even after multiple suggestions from Katie not to and seek help. I find this hard accept because personally, I’m a beta male with alpha male tendencies. I know I can’t do every myself. One of the things that this movie made prevalent is that sometimes is good to ask for help. Micah tries to do everything himself just further pissing off the demon. I think where thing get out of line a bit is with the Ouija board. I remember being given one as a gift once, when I was younger, but it was taken away by my parent. I still don’t understand why the Ouija board is sold as toy as it clearly isn’t.

I have a connection with the other side, while it’s been less and less as the years go by. It could be because of my fleeting innocence. Luckily, I have never encountered anything similar to what was shown in the movie. Trust me if things similar to that start happening I will seek professional help.

By the way it is fake… it was not real. There are no credits but it was not a real home made movie. Paramount has stated that they might make a sequel.

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