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A Belated Message

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Last month I celebrated my 4th anniversary since I started blogging.

I started back in a simple blogger account where this was blog was originally hosted. I stayed there for almost two years before moving to WordPress.com. I stayed at WordPress.com for a few months until I decided to make the jump to the WordPress platform and self hosting with my own domain.

While I might not be the most eloquent writer, I have keep up a bit with black outs here and there. While I was doing the last revision/redesign I reread some of the earlier post and it gives me insight of how much I changed, since that 19 year old kid ranting about trivial things.

While the ranting hasn’t changed much, I’m still here writing. It might not do anything for you, but It serves as a reminder of all the things that have gone through my life.

I don’t need a time machine to go back in time, when I can read my own thoughts from a certain period of my life.

Here’s to my 4th year as a blogger, and here’s to many more.

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