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The Mess Called My Mind

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During the past few day my mind has been doing overtime. It seems like I can’t stop thinking, and so much stuff is happening. This weekend I will try to relax as much as I can because next week will be hectic, for one Final Cut Auditions will be taking a lot of my time. I will have to go to downtown once more to sign more papers for my summer project which I have been trying to get approved and it finally did on Thursday after a very tedious and just frustrating. But I was able to get the next two weeks I need to get everything done, but that means that I have cancel my trip to Italy. I know that Italy was going to be huge and tons of friends where going to be there but here is my thought, Italy will always be there; this project has my name all over it and if it fail it could really hurt my career.

Another thing that has my attention is the death of my uncle. Even though he died last September his lawyers have contacted me. It seems Like i need to fly out to Spain to fill out some paperwork and because of his will his lawyers can tell anything over the phone. The only weekend I can go out there is President day weekend because my school gives us four days, for some reason. Seeing that I am going to be out there I have taking the liberty to pull some more strings and it seems that I might be able to have a recording project in Spain the later half of the summer, but everything is still up in the air. As well as my spot at Juilard, FullSail the possibility of me moving to Seattle and doing the whole indie scene.

The more I think about the future the more it reminds me that this summer I turn 21. My great grandfather left me a trust redeemable at that age . See this money is not something I have earned, personally I don’t think I should have it. I have been thinking of what to do with this money, but I don’t have a clue what I should do with it.

The more I think about the future and my aspiration, the question of, “What I want to be when I ‘grow-up’?”
My answer to this would be happy. I don’t mind being poor and not having a cent to my name, if I all I have is happiness, that’s all I need.

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