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Considering More Changes

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In the last few days I have getting a lot of flak because my “relationship” with Laura. Mainly people are looking down at me because I’m a Junior involved with a Freshman; it sounds worst than it really is. She’s 18 and very mature for her age and then other reason is that we are not try to label what we have. It’s not because we don’t care its more like she’s considering leave APU at the end of the semester, I don’t want her to stay just because we have a relationship. I really don’t care what people are saying mainly because its non of their business.

Moving on to other things, it seems that I can only run so much and so far from my family. I had not mentioned it here or to anyone but last September an uncle of mine had died. Really got to know him well, seeing that the last time I saw him I was 10. At that time school had just started and I couldn’t take time off so I just blew it off. Now I have been contacted by a lawyer of Spain informing me that I need to show up to sign papers for certain things that he had left me. I really don’t understand what he would leave me, he was a man of the cloth, he didn’t own much. Maybe this could be something that might change my life.

Talking about changing my life, in the last few day it seems like God has been speaking to me through out many people. I don’t want to go into to much details but the point is that I have this great talent and I am very good at it but I have decided to go with plan B instead of plan A. My choir director had the same thing happen to him, at his prime he could have been a great theater/opera singer but because he thought he wasn’t good enough he decide to teach. So it has just made me think about my career and my aspirations. In the next few months I will trying to figure out where I should be doing or going. Hopefully I will choose the right path.

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