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PS3, Wii, and Classes

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I have a few people that love me, cherish me and that want to see me succeed in life. One of those people is my aunts husband, Mike, which has been a great motivator for the past few years of my life and what not. But I rarely get to see him due to my busy schedule and that he lives in Michigan.

When I came back from Boston my father told me that there was package waiting for in the den, from Mike. I thought nothing of it so I didn’t look at it. Two days went by and I had completely forgotten about it, but father once more reminded me that I should see what he had sent me. To my fathers wish I went into the den. I saw that it was a fairly big package, it weight a bit, so I naturally thought; 1) it’s something expensive 2) it’s some thing fragile(there were FedEx labels marked fragile) and 3) it must be something pro audio.

I followed with opening of the box; at first I was surprised, to my shock it was another box. Here is where I get a bit hesitant. I started to wonder, what if there just other boxes inside that box? But anyways I proceeded in opening it. I was surprised to see that he had gotten me a PS3 for Christmas with the warranty and everything. He had camped out all day before it was to be released outside a BestBuy. To many this would a great gift and what not but to me, I’m much of a console gamer. I do admit to play some games here and there but the last game I bought to play was Doom 3. But not the less I am happy with it, but I still had to exchange it. My uncle had gotten the 20GB version which doesn’t have wireless, which might seem odd for some. Why would someone that doesn’t play video games often upgrade their PS3?

Well there is a two fold answer, 1) where I currently reside, there are not ethernet jacks,so wireless is the only way to go, and 2) it has a media card reader and a bigger hard drive.

I get to school and met up with my roommate; he tells me that as soon as Circuit City gets their new shipments of the Wii he’s going to get one. In my house hold we are going to have a PS3, Wii, and 5.1 stereo system.

That is every guys dream right now. Going on that I bought Resistance and Call of Duty 3 and I have enjoying. I just can’t wait how much I’m going to be enjoying the Wii. Even though I’m not a huge gamer I have been and will be spending a lot of time in playing various games on both consoles. This is almost like crack and now I’m hooked, hooked on gaming.

But here is the bummer, school starts in a few hours and if I want to graduate on time I cannot fail any classes. My trip to Italy this summer is depending on how well my classes go and so forth.

So this is a blessing and a curse. Now if only I could get someone to buy a plasma TV, everything would be just better.

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