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Going Against the Grain

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A week of school has past and I can say for sure that this semester is going to be a lot better than last. For one, I have lunch breaks and I am taking great teachers.

This weekend I spend playing Resistance. I know, I know, I should had done something more productive but this game just had a mind control over me but I was able to beat the entire game in a day and half with breaks and waking up very late on Sunday.

Maybe I was just trying to not to think about something that I really want but know that I have it I am not sure I deserve it. Berklee College of Music has contacted me and I got accepted for the fall semester. This a great thing but I’m not sure that I should be moving to the east coast anything soon. Anyways more on that later.

Today I went out to lunch with my dad and my little sister. It was just different because we talked about family things and just felt like a family type thing, which is very weird, for me. My sister later started pestering me about my girlfriend or lack there of. I replied that I am current content not being with anyone. Mind you it has been around 4 years since I have been single or not have someone currently pursuing. My dad just found this very shocking. Seeing that they are all wind up about this as well of some of my friends makes me believe that I’m on to something. I see my roommate with his girlfriend and sometimes, yes, they look nice and behave but most often than not they are at each other’s throats every other day. Maybe its just their relationship, I would handle things differently. I have change drastically in the past few year and I hard know myself, last semester I barely had any time to write and reflect on the choice I did that day.

It just seems that I might need to be alone for the time being, and you know what? I’m ok with that.

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