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Two and a Half Year Plan

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I have been thinking about the future for a while now and it seems that I will only be in school two more years…. well if I don’t go to grad school for conducting or piano.

I’m still doing music for those who read this and care but it will becoming my minor and majoring in something stupid like marketing or religion. I’m mainly doing this because I don’t play an instrument and I don’t sing well (at least not at this time) and you need to have a Junior and Senior Recital…. and that I am not good enough to do that. But it seems that life keeps pointing me into music. Last year I gave it up and the three weeks of vacation all I did was mixing and helping people with music.

So recap on life, I have “9” classes (normal college student have a max of 5) I am in two choirs, one which has concerts twice a month and the other has very large repertoire and will only have two concert at the end of the semester. Taking Recording which is a very sweet class but it kind of a pain because it is at 8 am. Taking all the music classes that I need and Luke/Acts…. ohhh one last thing, I am also taking private voice lessons. I know I’m not a singer but if I want to be great audio engineer I need to know how a singer reacts and works and performs, as wells a drummer, guitarist, and any other instrumentalist. But its great on my first lesson I was complimented on my technique and tone, my pitch was another issue. It seems that I not a baritone as I once though but more like a 2nd tenor but my vocal range and my ear is so accustomed to that that I can double as a baritone and 2nd tenor, which I have not problem because in some of the pieces for choir I would love to sing 2nd tenor just because of the way some of the songs are written.

But enough about my voice lessons and school to be real. I can’t wait until this weekend because it’s a four day weekend (at least for us). So I will be out of school probably getting paid for something….

So yeah … Life is looking up

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