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We Fall to Pick Ourselves Up, Again and Again

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It seems like every time I care for someone, I always give out the, “hey I am nice guy, so I just want to be your friend and brother” vibe.

Girls usually don’t see me as a boyfriend material and seriously, I don’t know why?

But enough about that. Well the Adri thing is not bugging me as much as I had thought it would. May be because I am actually glad that both of them are happy. So I asked God to make her happy, whatever it might be. It is His decision not mine to make. Now, what is my decision is how to act towards this? I can rebel and say that God has forsaken me, blah blah blah. Or I can take this as a sign saying that its just not the right time, or the girl is not here yet, or that I will live a life a celibacy. Frankly, I have rebelled and played the injured card and gotten mad at God and said “why does this happen to me?” It doesn’t change anything. It usually makes things worst.

So be happy with what the LORD has given you. Even if you think you have nothing, you have your health and God gave you life today to wake up and see what he has in store for you today. As for me, I’m still waiting in Him for His plan to come to pass. I’ve asked God to give me patience and now he is making me wait.

Be careful what you wish for because you never know, you might just get it.

To those that have someone, I’m happy for you; for those who are looking for some one, I’m happy for you; for those who are just there and have “nothing” I’m in the same boat, life goes on.

A teacher once told me “Your attitude affect those around you.” Just make the choice of being happy every morning and just go with it.

Smile and the world smile with you ; Cry and you cry alone.

Think about it.

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