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The Story of My Life

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If you have kept up with my rant and seen that they seem a bit emo….. well there are just going to get more emo.

this one girl has starting to date this one guy name; he’s a great guy and everything….. I am really happy for both of them….

But I can’t get this one feeling off my chest…. I know that we had said that we where going to stay friends and thats it but I think that I might have real feelings for this one person…..

This is the story of my life… and I not going to lie and say that everything is ok…. I feel a bit sad but… stuff just happens……

To add to this life story… I am planning a wedding… not for me, may I add, seeing that I am not even in a relationship… but for close friends of mine.

so life is still pretty good…. just no girl for the time being….. or the near future….

Hope it works out for them

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