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Humbling Myself

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Its just a different feeling every day. Maybe I might be emo or some other reason to hard to explain in a simple blog, but today at chapel something said really impacted me, “If you wish to be closer to God your not trying because if your really wanted to be closer you would be.”

I have always struggled with my walking with God seeing that I like to be in control of what I do and how things should be. In essence I am a type of control freak even though I try to convince myself that I go with the flow. But this message has open my mind and my eyes to see that I have always wanted to be closer to God but never really did anything to be closer. So this is a challenge that God has put in my heart. To actually get closer to him and let him deal with my problems and to confide in Him my desires and needs, as well as my faults, weakness, and problems.

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