Random Thoughts

My Child

It been a while since anything of great value of has happened in my life. But today I was finally able to bring my child home. I would like to present to you, Paige. After much debate and thought I decided that I will be staying in the LA area for the foreseeable future. So […]

So, I’ve Been Thinking…

9 A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 It’s been about two weeks since I was notified that I am no longer enrolled at APU. Since then I enjoyed a two great 4 day weekends where I was able to be with friends and talk to them about […]

Test Drives

Today, my dad and I went out car window shopping. I’ve had two cars in the past which I have bought on my own. Both have been used and in good condition but my father thinks I should have something a bit more respectable and newer. He wants me to have a more presentable car […]

Things are Finally Picking Up

So as you might know, things with her didn’t work out. It seems like I should be devastated but I’m not. I’ve done a lot of fasting this week and tried to read the Bible for guidance. But any who……. Life is Karma. Do well and good things happen to you; do bad and life […]

LA Car Show

I was able to go on opening day and I took of few pics….. Enjoy