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I will refer to myself in the third person to simplify the task of writing an “About” page. Born in East LA then at the age of ten moved to Studio City, and then moved once more, at the age of seventeen, to New York. Now he resides in both Los Angeles and New York.

He is a bit of nerd/geek. Yet, Kenn, prefers the latter due to the difference between the two. He is into the web community and most importantly what people say about it, and what people say about music. Music his true love and passion.

At age of fifteen started to work at a rehearsal studio in North Hollywood, Sound Arena, and learned the ropes fairly quickly. By the age of 16 he was already designing project studios, doing semi-pro level recordings. While still attending high school, he running sound mixes for live concerts four nights a week. But his real passion was studio recording, live sound was more of side project and a way to built up skills for studio recordings. The studio was shut down mid 2011.

At age of seventeen, he moved across country to New York and set up shop by managing a band, Not That Great. With the band he toured up and down the East Coast for six months and manage them for 10. There, in New York, he was mentored by a producer, Josh Fischer, and learned the techniques of British and New York styles of mixing including British EQ, which added to his Los Angeles mixing style.

He then returned to Los Angeles in January of 2005 and attended a private university, Azusa Pacific University. There he studied Commercial Music with an emphasis in Audio Engineering and Music Business. While getting his BA, he took online courses from Berklee College of Music and received an AS in Mastering and an AS Music Business and Management.

He has worked at Capitol Records, and now is Lead Product Tester for Line 6 as well as a Consultant for Native Instruments and most recently, for Propellerhead iOS products.

He considers himself a decent Audio engineer that has caught a lot of lucky breaks through out his brief career. He still has a lot to learn but there is really nothing to discourage him for this passion called music. He always up for new endeavors and.

This website is a personal weblog / journal of his journey across his life, time at school, work, programming and music.

Jesu, Juva Soli Deo Gloria.