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Little Changes

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I’ve been on the internet for a while now and I’ve gone by many screen names and handles, but since 2005, my “real name” has always been Kenn R.

It’s weird when I would give out or typed out my blog, because it was much longer and gave out my “real” last name. I was also competing with Kenn Rodriguez, a Slam poet, and, Kenn Rodriguez, a Texan Sports writer.

Yet for the past 5 years I have never given out business card or even introduced myself as Kenn Rodriguez… it was always Kenn R. and today that’s who I am known as.

Today I reintroduce my blog. It has been redone, with a responsive design (it looks great on tablets and smartphones) and I have the pleasure of now using kennr.co. Making it easier to remember and less confusing.

I’ve been working on this redesign for a while and have been planning the move but I wanted to a lot of other things before hand. I soft launched in late December and complete redirects were finished in the past week. It’s not a big change… just a little one. A short name change. Still same old me.

I waited after the New Year’s resolution idea died down because this was not a “New Year, New me” thing. It’s just an evolution of my blog, a shorter url which I’ve owed since March but hadn’t done anything with.

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