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2012 Goals

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I am not going to do resolutions because let’s face it, one can change whenever one wants… but there a few things I want to this year.

But First, let see how I did on 2011?

1. Skydive. Nope.
2. Bungie Jump. Nope.
3. Learn Portuguese. Yes! I learned enough for a interview and did quite well, but did not get the job. I also picked up some German while in Berlin.

So what did I do in 2011? I got back to music. I traveled. I coded. I worked on great projects with great people. I crashed the Governor’s Ball, Took a speed boat from Gran Canaria to Morroco and entered without a passport (and then got lost at sea for 4 hours on the way back). And so many other things.

Here are my goals for 2012.

1. Learn even more Code (Node.js, Ruby (on Rails), more Objective – C, etc.)
2. Finish my proprietary CMS (Content Management System) for The Mgmnt and launch.
3. Enjoy the arts more often. Go to the Ballet, Symphony, Musicals, the Theater, and Art galleries.
4. And as always… step outside my comfort zone.

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