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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys it with Family, Friends, and Loved ones. I know some of those I care for are miles away and couldn’t be together this day, yet are close in spirit.

May you spend this time in reflection of the year, pondering on the new friends and relationships one has made through out the year.

That said, I am thankful for the bad. Yes, I truly am. As we start our time of the holidays, where we gather with friends, family and loved ones. I hope we reflect not only on the good but also in the bad.

I am grateful and thankful for those that have stayed and those whom have walked away, for it helps me become the person I am supposed to be.

I am thankful for taking risks this year, for some of them playing out and others just fizzing out. For opportunity of being able to travel so much this year. For the possibility to reimmerse myself with so many concerts, and music festivals (SXSW, Pitchfork Media Festival and SSMF) that were much needed. For enough work to pay the bills, for the kind of work that is rewarding and challenging.

Thank you for your support. And believe me when I say this, you are more than just friends, your family. We might not be able to spend a lot of time together but when we do, I treasure it that much more.

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