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Los Angeles, My Home

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I went to the beach yesterday. There are very few places where in the middle of winter the weather would be a balmy 80 degree and be in close proximity to the beach. It was a mixture of great, awesome and pure bliss.

While at the beach, surrounded by people and the sand, I started thinking about plans. How I had this plan to move to New York City. It was a great plan; I was going to live in the city, I was going to work in the city doing something related to music.

But things changed, I procured reponsibilities here in LA, not only to myself or my family but to others, friends and people I respect. I have to be accountable to my client, Joel Simpson. Not only is he my client, I manage his social presence online and help him book shows, he’s also one of my closest friend. It would be a jerk move for me to just up and leave without much more than a reason.

Since then I have started working on other things. I wish I can mention them but as you’ve notice, I’ve stop mentioning things that aren’t completed. Sadly, this is a project(s) that will take months if not years to accomplish. While this project is not in my area of expertise, I enjoy doing things out my comfort zone. This is one of those once in a lifetime things – I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do it later it in life. So as with a lot of things I do, I am committed not only in responsibilities but also financially. I believe in this therefore I want it to succeed. If I does not succeed it’s still something I can hold my head up high and show that I had the guts to try something and follow through.

Moving on…

I was fortunate to have been able to go to Madrid a few weeks ago. I’ve been a few times and the more I go out there the more it seems like I should live there. It fits well with my night owl lifestyle and its home in more ways than one. Someday… Someday I will live in Madrid.

While New York City will always have a place in my heart and will probably be my second home; for the time being, Los Angeles is my home. And… You know what?  It’s taking care of me fairly well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This really struck a chord with me, too! I’m very emotionally attached to my home city of Cleveland, but there are times when I’ve felt I have no choice but to move–and in fact, I must move, on May 18th, to Chengdu, China. And I hope this won’t prove offensive to you, but, the city I think I dislike more than any other and feel most out of place is Los Angeles, mainly because of the types of people I’ve met there. Ironically, however, it’s the one I’ve had to travel to the most over the years–either because of a best friend who moved there, a former love, or work-related travel.

    To be fair, my friends tell me I’ve just been patronizing the wrong parts of LA, that there’s so much more to it than the vapid, plastic blondes who don’t have the good breeding to have been trained in the art of polite small talk (let alone deep conversation), or the blinged-up agents who talk too much in general! There are times when I’ve found a reason to love LA, but I always fiercely resist those reasons. Ha. Some day I might write a column about it.

    Then again, I’m a Midwestern girl with an East Coast work ethic and a crush on Colorado. I probably wouldn’t fit perfectly anywhere 🙂