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Los Angeles, My Home

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I went to the beach yesterday. There are very few places where in the middle of winter the weather would be a balmy 80 degree and be in close proximity to the beach. It was a mixture of great, awesome and pure bliss.

While at the beach, surrounded by people and the sand, I started thinking about plans. How I had this plan to move to New York City. It was a great plan; I was going to live in the city, I was going to work in the city doing something related to music.

But things changed, I procured reponsibilities here in LA, not only to myself or my family but to others, friends and people I respect. I have to be accountable to my client, Joel Simpson. Not only is he my client, I manage his social presence online and help him book shows, he’s also one of my closest friend. It would be a jerk move for me to just up and leave without much more than a reason.

Since then I have started working on other things. I wish I can mention them but as you’ve notice, I’ve stop mentioning things that aren’t completed. Sadly, this is a project(s) that will take months if not years to accomplish. While this project is not in my area of expertise, I enjoy doing things out my comfort zone. This is one of those once in a lifetime things – I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do it later it in life. So as with a lot of things I do, I am committed not only in responsibilities but also financially. I believe in this therefore I want it to succeed. If I does not succeed it’s still something I can hold my head up high and show that I had the guts to try something and follow through.

Moving on…

I was fortunate to have been able to go to Madrid a few weeks ago. I’ve been a few times and the more I go out there the more it seems like I should live there. It fits well with my night owl lifestyle and its home in more ways than one. Someday… Someday I will live in Madrid.

While New York City will always have a place in my heart and will probably be my second home; for the time being, Los Angeles is my home. And… You know what? ┬áIt’s taking care of me fairly well.

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