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And Just Like That, Things Changed

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In the past few weeks I had commented to few people that my work life had started to affect me personally. I didn’t want to feel the burden or fustration of a job I hated to interfer with my personal life but it did. I did not like how it made me. I made me angry, pessimistic (more so than I already am), it made a person I didn’t want to be. There is the saying;

“If you can’t change your situation change your attitude”

Well this situation was changing my attitude and not for the better, so I came to realization that I had to change the situation. I had talked and tracked down a few leads and set up interviews but was in no hurry, until yesterday.

Yesterday was like any other day. I had the opening shift at my job. So I got up early and what not. Got there on time, and did my normal routine. I thought nothing special… I talked to my HR manager about missing a few days of work next week because I had a jury summons and that I understood if it was denied because I had taken some time off recently for my wisdom teeth extraction. Everything was ok. I just had to make a copy of the summons and I was ok. An hour later a manager called me into their office and was informed about the numbers. They were down and I was out.

So, I was let go. At first my head was “Now what?!” and contemplated horrible scenarios,  but at fast as those thoughts came to mind, they where gone. It became clear that this was a crutch and I was leaning on it too much. I had become stagnent and no real progress was happening in my quest to return to the music industry or going back to school in fall.

I will not go into minute details on how I think that company that prides itself on customer service is running a fairly big store with a skeleton crew with barely enough personnel to run its departments because it doesn’t matter. I met good people and then I met some not so good people. Some people understand that this was a temporary job while other thought that this was going to be some kind of career.

I did my due diligence in living below my means, saving up money for a rainy day. I will be good for a while. I have a few interviews lined up for next week, and will work on tracking down leads for work opportunities.

In the end it was for the best.

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