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Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

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I find it odd, even strange that every time I meet adults this question usually comes up

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

In the past week I’ve been asked this question several times. I dislike it… As an ex-planner I thought I knew where I wanted to go. But things changes and in turn your plans change. Therefore you can’t plan where you want to be.

I stopped planning… I know I have a job until August but after that I have no clue. I enjoy it. It gives me freedom to grow as a person and not be confined to this little definition I have set for myself. Truth be told, if had stayed with my original 2 1/2 year plan, I wouldn’t had gotten the opportunity at working where I am currently employed.

I understand that replying to the question with, “I really haven’t given it much thought” or “Where ever the wind takes me” doesn’t give adult much confident in you as a person. A lot of people have taken aback from those responses, some think I’m crazy, some think I’m bold, other question if I fully understand my actions.

With these answers I open the lines of dialogue and show my view. When I was planner I was alway looking toward the future and was excited of what was to come. Not so much about the present. I was anxious to get on with my life that I rarely lived in the present. My views have changed a lot. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, make most of today. I am not saying that one should be irresponsible. I am still work towards something. I just haven’t put much emphasis as other have.

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