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So… 2009?

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Sorry for the long hiatus since my last post. I know it’s cliché but it’s true, one rarely has time during the holiday season because it’s so busy.

So where to start… December?

December was a bit hard, I was finishing up work for the firm I work for, mainly because my contract was coming to a close. I flew out to London, once more to negotiate a renewal of said contract because one of the proposals that I submitted was approved. I try to finish everything I start. Not to go into specifics, the firm has renewed my contract for 6 months with a possible extension of a month if the project falls behind of schedule. I know that is very vague but I’m under contract and cannot discuss what I am working on. I kind of feel this is what working for the government might feel like.

I spent Christmas with my parents again this year… I made a roasted leg of lamb for dinner and I got my parents a nice bottle of Bordeaux circa 1945. And they in turn gave my birthday present that was combined with my Christmas present, Maseratti Driving Lesson. It’s going to be fun when I fly out to Atlanta and drive around the track during Valentine’s day weekend. What better way to distract myself from being single than by driving at 150+ mph in a Maserati Quattroporte?

Then a few days later, Drea, Staci, Austin and I drove up to visit a Laura in the North West. Spent a full week in Washington and rang in the New Year. We will forever be friends or we will drift apart very soon. It was a great road trip.

In the first three weeks of ’09 I’ve done very little and I’ve done a lot. I say this because I am not currently employed, I start work once more in February. Due to that, I’ve been at home a lot trying to do things around the house and fixing things, this also includes organizing iPhoto with tags, to fixing names of song on my 23,000+ iTunes library, to buying new plug-ins for Pro Tools 8 and remixing old recordings. As you can see that seems like a lot but in actuality it’s fairly little. But I done a lot with stregthing friendships and helping myself. The whole trying to live a better life type deal.

One of the biggest surprises I did get in this short time has been getting tickets to the inauguration in Washington DC. I need to make this very clear, I did donate to the Obama campaign, but most of my donation where really contributions from my father but did not want to support Obama on paper, seeing that her has been a registered Republican since 1973. Due to those contributions, I was invited to the Green Inauguration Ball, which I was not able to attend. My father was able to find someone willing to take them off our hands (like that was going to be difficult), though. But I did make an effort to go to the inauguration. Sadly, it was bit on the latter side that I decide to attend so my plans had to be a bit different. There where no more rooms left when I finally decided that I was going to go. Due to that I had to plan on a one day trip…. show up there early and then return the same day in the evening. Which was the case. And I don’t regret it.

And tonight I have tickets to go see the Clippers vs the Lakers with some pretty awesome people.

Overall it seems like it been a good start for year 2009. Let’s just hope that things continue their course.

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