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Retribution for my Actions

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In my last post I did not go into detail about school. I merely stated that I was down but not out. Well, now I’ve been kicked when I’m down. I’m going to be completely honest. Originally, I was going to talk about how I needed some time to devote to my career and that a sabbatical would do me some good, but why lie and cover things up that sooner or later will come out into the light. I would like to inform you that I have been dismissed for APU due to poor grades. I petitioned and pleaded my case to be reinstated. Even though it was a valid reason and made a compelling argument it was denied because I wasn’t able to complete 24 units in one school year.

My experiences at APU have been great. I enjoyed my myself very much so, and I would not trade the friendships and the people I met there. I did not dedicate myself to the school work. I took things for granted and now, I have to suffer the consequences . All things come to an end. I was there on borrowed time and my time is up.

I usually succeed at everything I do, so to fail has really impacted me in ways I did not know it would. Just as a precaution, I am once more on anti-depressants (low dose, two pills). It was bit hard seeing that I was in a middle of a recording project when I got the call. I had to leave my emotions and my personal life at the door.

I’m not sure what my next course of action will be; if I will be taking classes in the fall at a community college, to return at a later date. There is no possible way I could go to another university to finish my music degree seeing that APU Music programs is vastly different than other Music programs. I’ve been in talks with people with connections in Miami for work and FullSail has always caught my eye as a good vocational school. There is also Musician Institute, or what works for most people, just get out there and work.

It seems like I was a fool to think that a simple audio engineer could be a musician. I started at APU very minimal knowledge of music and musicality, most of what I did was a gut feeling. I now leave APU with a greater understanding of why music is powerful medium.

Thanks to those that knew and prayed for me.

Thanks to those that stopped in halls to have a small chat.

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