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So Far in Madrid

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I apologize for my lack of writing these past few weeks. I’ve been somewhat pre-occupied with the festivities of Claudia’s 21st birthday and getting out to Spain for work.

There’s really not much to say of what I’ve been doing the past few weeks other than celebrating Claudia’s 21st birth and getting to Spain for work. That’s basically what my life entails during the summer, just work.

The project I’m here to do is moving fast, these people know that they’re here for one reason and are taking advantage of every minute. I’m very happy that there are people that take this seriously and when I get back form lunch most of them are ready to go. We’ve just finished the fifth song today and only need two more to go. If we continue at this pace, I’ll probably be in Boston by Thursday morning. YAY!

I have finally gotten some time off and seeing that the running of the Bulls are still going on for another day, I’ve decide to get on a train to Pamplona. Finally, I’ll see what this festival is all about.

I’ll try to stay out of trouble and I’ll upload all the pictures of My birthday, Claudia’s Birthday and Spain as soon as I have some down time.

I miss you all.

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