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Things in life are difficult but one needs to overcome obstacles to achieve. Right now I’m a bit sadden and concerned. Escrow is still on hold while my father and I re-negotiate a new fair price for the loft due to the corrosion of the pipes. Another thing that has come hard not only to me but also to Claudia is her rejection to NYU in the fall.

I’ve been out of work for about week now and I think that this time off has helped me think things through. I have had the time to investigate my other options in the Escrow debacle. After seeing my options here in LA and NY, I am still willing to make sacrifices to attend Berklee in the Fall.

As I have said earlier, Claudia understands this and is very driven, such as myself, in our goals and careers. It was her decision to apply to NYU so we could be in the same city, but alas that will not be the case. I understand that many people won’t understand why I am, once more, giving up a great person that might or might not be my soul mate. But I have to follow the path that I have been given. It would be incredibly stupid to pass such a grand opportunity to attend such a highly accredited Music school and study exactly what I want to do in life.

I am not saying that it’s going to be easy, but this is how it is. It had been discussed and we where hopping that the later wouldn’t come to past, but it did.

Today as I took Claudia and her sister to the airport I felt some type of unrest and huge knot in my stomach. There’s much I want to do and say before things get too out of control. But seeing that this problem with Escrow has delayed my plans of starting the move across country and my upcoming contract in Spain. I have little time, and I try to spend much of it with her. She very understanding. She didn’t want me to go with her to Guatemala, even though it was very important for her and her family; her older sister is getting married this weekend. She insisted that I should stay behind and be here just incase there is some change in the loft situation and that I should show up the LAMN brunch this Saturday, seeing that I have missed the past three.

She will just be gone only for the weekend, yet I miss her already. I ask for those who care to pray. Not that I will feel better or vice versa but so I can do His will.

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