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Five Reason I Blog

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I have recently been in a very creative mood, from music to art to photography. I have even made the commitment to a domain name on a real hosting service, making me feeling that I really am in to this.

  1. Someday I want to be an Internet Rockstar. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a real life celebrity. Although most of you who read this have probably never heard my name before. I’m pretty sure my blog celebrity points are climbing as we speak. Someday… you’ll find my blog in the list of top WordPress.com blogs.
  2. In real life, nobody cares what I have to say. In internet life, people seem to love me. Again, this is a self indulgence thing and I’m not afraid to admit it. Here on my blog, I can say whatever I want and I can be whatever I wanted to be.
  3. I’m an egotistical bastard that likes to talk about myself. This is true. I am an egotistical bastard and I love talking about myself. If I didn’t have this blog, it would be one less instance where I could whine, talk about how awesome I am, or pretend that I’m funny. J.K.
  4. I like writing. I don’t know when this happened but I like writing my thought down. It seems to be my form of therapy. And I really enjoy sharing my life with people that will take an interest.
  5. Networking. When you start blogging, it’s almost a given that you meet people. So I’ve made some pretty great connections through blogging, that I would not have been able to make any other way.

OK… on the real. I blog mostly because I enjoy writing and sharing my pictures/music & thoughts with other people who are like minded. I’ve met and networked with a lot of great people since I started blogging, and have been inspired by them all in some way.

I’ve also learned a lot. About myself and how life has changed in the past few years.

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