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Reflecting in Dana Point

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I have recently been thinking about almost everything. Past lives, old choices, and new adventures. This past weekend I was able to just leave everything and just go to the beach and look at what beauty God has created for us.

I contemplated my relationship with parents, basically my family. Today, even reconnected with my older sister. These things that I am going through are new to me but I just can’t help to wonder how many other people have walked the same path I have. There is even a picture I took at Dana Point to reinforce this.


The footprints of those whom came before me.
Hopefully my footprints can help those behind me.

As I walked down the beach I saw dozens of footprints of people that had walked the same path I have, yet with every wave some footprints where washed away. I started to wonder; How many other footprints where there before mine? How many other people have walked where I am walking? How many are behind me? Where am I head towards?

What I’m trying to get at is that sometimes we see that we are in a specific spot in our life and we make our little problem into the biggest problem in the world. We don’t stop to notice that maybe other people have been there before us. We don’t realize that there might be other people that have had the same problem and we don’t try to look for people to help us.

My life is changing, I’m changing, but in this change I don’t want to loose friends; this year will be difficult I know, but they are thing in my life I need to change. It could mean that I might even have to move once more. I know where I am but I don’t know where I headed, but I’m ok with that. I enjoy not knowing where life is going to lead me. It just makes me appreciate the journey that much more.

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